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What is the Long Grass Fee policy?



  • Lucio Gonzales

    Good deal .

  • Chadi Azzam u

    Safa tree

  • Reese Scott

    Just saw this I didn’t know there was long grass fee. Is there anyway I can report the grass lengths after the job has been marked completed

  • Roger Brock

    Why are you allowing clients to cancel subscriptions while contractors are mowing their lawn? I have no recourse except to vent here or support.

  • Giovanni Gamez

    Took 4 hours to mow a lawn had to bag the grass it was 8 ins tall but silly me never looked over anything 25$ for 4 hours of mowing yeah no thanks

  • Travis Barnes

    I cut down a forest and I was never told how much I was going to get paid I put my own place and when I look at my tab and said just 80 bucks and it took me at least five hours to put it down and to make it look good I don't like this app I thought I was starting a business and I thought they was paying me right.but I was wrong

  • Travis Barnes

    Plus the customer's was mean to me but High something someone else did I feel shity corrected the job and got a $8 tip that was my pay

  • Fatih Senel

    lawnstarter does NOT back the PRO.  you could be cutting the grass, and the customer can cancel and you have no way to contact LS because theyve already removed the listing from your account.  so as a counter-measure, if i dont get paid, i return the material right on to the driveway or doorstep.  i do give the customer a chance to pay before i do that.  i am done with Lawn STarter.

  • Mark Kane

    I cut some really tall grass the other day and it burnt up my weed eater. Since I pay for insurance threw lawn starter do u guys pay for my equipment?

  • Mark Kiehl (markydkiehl

    As expected, 100% fee applied to my 1st mow and I don't see how in the world mowers could judge lawn to be 6-12". Half of the lawn was dead anyway due to drought. I'm not going to bother disputing or anything, there's no point...akin to disputing a rental car company missed scratch on a door, there's just no point in it. Yes a few sprigs were there (pictured at ground level directly behind them for best effect), but it was an easy mow and after my 3 lawn obligation I am discontinuing service and mowing myself. 


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